Bathroom Remodeling: What Should it Cost?

Bathroom Remodeling - National Average is about $16,000 If you’ve had it with your existing cramped bathroom and want to expand and renovate, you may initially hold back because of the expected price tag. According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, the average bathroom remodel in the United States is about $16,000. That amount [...]

Bathroom Remodeling Fixtures: What to Know

Comfort, convenience & function... When it comes to the bathrooms - comfort, convenience, and function are key. Of course you will choose decorative elements yet your priority, above all, needs to be fixtures that work well with your family’s needs. The four main components to any bathroom are the toilet, sink, shower and tub. Consider [...]

Bathroom Remodeling and Resale Value

Did you know your bathroom remodel can also boost the resale value of your entire home? Sure, remodeling your bathroom adds/ gives you more comfort, aesthetics, and reliability in everyday life, opening up your space possibilities and giving you a place of peaceful retreat. But did you know your bathroom remodel can also boost the [...]

Bathroom Remodeling Estimates: How to hire the right contractor…

Welcome to “Beautiful Bathrooms & more…,” where we also give you advice on anything to do with your bathroom remodeling project! Stick to no more than three bathroom remodeling estimates… You may remember last week’s monthly tip was: “Please, please, please stop at three contractors when getting estimates for work on your home.” To get [...]

Bathroom Remodeling Design Guide

Bathroom Remodeling Design Guide Whether you’ve been meaning to give your bathroom a makeover with some luxurious amenities or you only want a simple update on décor, you need a well-defined plan for your bathroom remodel. Here is our bathroom remodel design guide to aid you in your considerations when coming up with a floor [...]

Bathroom Remodeling FAQs

Facing a bathroom remodel in your New Jersey home? A big one can send the bravest homeowner running for the hills. Yet, if you’re well prepared and know what to expect, you can tackle your renovation, big or small, with ease. Here is a helpful list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you get started.  [...]

Why YOU Should Hire a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

While you could probably handle installing a new towel rack or sink fixture, the bigger projects -- such as demolition, tub removal, and tile and countertop installation – need to be handled by the pros. That’s why it’s important to hire a reputable bathroom remodeling contractor with plenty of experience. You don’t want to risk [...]

Bathroom Remodeling: Planning & Construction Tips

Great tips for planning a bathroom renovation. Tired of your circa-1970 avocado-green bathroom? It’s time for a change! You deserve it! Get updated in 2015 with a bathroom remodeling project that will have you showering, applying makeup and washing-up in style. A bathroom renovation may seem daunting but with the proper planning, you can easily [...]

Stop at 3 Estimates for work on your home

Hello again and welcome to yet another addition of “Contractor’s Corner”. The following addresses last week’s tip and will also touch on the relationship between the homeowner and contractor.  Last week’s monthly tip was: “Please, please, please stop at three contractors when getting estimates for work on your home”. Getting more than three would be [...]

Preparation Breeds Safety

I have written many articles on home improvement but here’s something that I often overlook, perhaps because it is so second nature for me: Preparation! I have always been well prepared and for just about anything. This quality has had a way of showing up in my work as well. The recent hurricane brought home [...]