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Thanks for visiting Beautiful Bathrooms and More by Professional Building Systems (PBS)! We are proud to be your number one provider of bathroom remodeling Millstone you can trust. Our number one goal is your ultimate satisfaction, delivering on your dreams of a gorgeous new bathroom that’s not only great to look at but functional as well. With us, your new bathroom will be around for many decades to come, providing you with a much-needed sanctuary in the midst of all the chaos. Your bathroom should be a place of solace, where you can unwind, prep for the day, clean up and just “be.” We make it really easy to start. Want a free consultation on bathroom remodeling Millstone? Call us today for a free quote. Our team always makes it a point to return calls within 24 hours.

Bathroom Remodeling Millstone

Bathroom Remodeling Millstone

Specializing in bathroom renovations Millstone, large and small, we bring 28 years of hard work and dedication to the table. We pride ourselves on offering personal attention and affordable prices for Millstone residents, making the process completely stress free for you. That’s because we hire every sub contractor on your project so you don’t have to handle hiring individual contractors such as plumbers or electricians. We do it all, from demolition to fixture installation. We are there every step of the way, from design to completion.

A new bathroom should add a great deal of form and function to your home. Whether you have a large family and want to expand or you’re looking to update your 1970s-era bathroom, we’ve got you covered. You’ll appreciate the fact that we sit down with all our clients to come up with a comprehensive plan that incorporates your ideas, dreams and goals. After all, it’s YOUR bathroom! Our quality craftsmanship, accountability and high standards mean you will be put at ease throughout the whole process of bathroom renovation in Millstone.

Bathroom Renovation Millstone

At Beautiful Bathrooms and More, dreams do come true. Thanks to our proven system for efficiency, quality, and cleanliness, your bathroom can become the centerpiece of the home that you’ve always wanted. Complement your Millstone home with new fixtures, flooring, tiles, sinks, shower doors and vanities. When all elements work in harmony together, you get a peaceful, attractive look that boosts the value of your property. Best news is, we have lots of fixtures and other supplies in stock at all times so there are no long waits.

Sure, a bathroom remodeling Millstone project can sound daunting at first. However, Beautiful Bathrooms makes the transition as seamless as possible. We tackle all the hard stuff – such as bath tub removal or wall demolition – and the smaller elements as well such as décor and fixture addition. We are proud to be Millstone’s number one bath remodelers! It’s time to get the bathroom of your dreams. Kick it up a notch and transform your bathroom into a luxurious getaway right here in Millstone. Call us now at 732-751-9129 to get the process started. You’ll be glad you did!

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