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Flow and function, in addition to beauty, are vital to any bathroom. Here at Beautiful Bathrooms and More by Professional Building Systems (PBS), we can help you achieve this tri-fecta of bathroom paradise to create a relaxing sanctuary that’s all yours. After all, your bathroom should be a place to escape and be yourself. Why be cramped and unhappy with a bathroom that doesn’t serve your needs? Whether you want a master bath or main bath remodel, our team can transform your existing space into a showpiece you’ll be happy to use every day. We welcome Freehold residents to take advantage of our team’s expertise to come up with a truly innovative design that works for your family. We bring 30 years of experience to the table, making your bathroom a place of solace again. Let us create the bathroom you’ve always wanted at a price that won’t break the bank. If you’re living in a small bathroom with colors and styles you can’t stand, what’s the use? Maybe you have broken fixtures that make washing up seem impossible. Perhaps your shower doors stick, or your tub is discolored and chipped. A bathroom should be a happy place, with décor that complements your unique style. Let us help you achieve that.

Bathroom Remodeling Freehold  – “All elements should work together for a seamless design”

Bathroom Remodeling Freehold

We take a unique approach to bathroom remodeling, punctuated by efficiency, quality, and affordability. Because you spend so much time in your bathroom, it should make you feel at ease, with a layout that flows effortlessly. Doing your daily business in there should be an efficient operation, from getting ready in the morning to washing up at night. Freehold bathrooms are our specialty, so call us today to learn how your bathroom can reach and exceed its potential. Here at Beautiful Bathrooms, we do everything from knocking out walls and updating fixtures to installing new flooring and laying tile. Our team can make sure all elements of your bathroom — shower, sink, vanity, closet and cabinet space – work together for a seamless design. There are no long wait times for materials and tools. We have most of those things in stock at all times. If there’s something you want, such as a specialty material like marble, we can special order it for quick delivery times.

We strive to get you into your new bathroom as quickly as possible. We’ll always be honest about timelines for completion, as communication is vital to any project. Our diligent team members approach every job professionally, giving you and your property the respect and care it deserves. It all starts with the design phase, where our team has a meeting with you to discuss goals and budgetary requirements. We will do our best to match your wishes with our talents and the space we have to work with. Let Beautiful Bathrooms meet and exceed the highest standards when it comes to bathroom remodeling Freehold.

Bathroom renovation Freehold isn’t something to be afraid of…

Bathroom renovation Freehold isn’t something to be afraid of. Rather, you should embrace this transformation as the next phase of your home life. Renovations are a part of being a homeowner, and should adapt to the growing needs of your family. Your needs as a couple just getting married are far from the needs of your big family 10 years later. Celebrate a new chapter in the life of your home and family by recapturing the luxury of your Freehold bathroom remodeling. A functional yet beautiful bathroom is a critical piece of the puzzle, so enlist the help of Beautiful Bathrooms and More by calling 732-751-9129.

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