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The following example is how we can completely renovate an average size {8’ x 5’} bathroom using quality materials for just $10,850!


  • ELECTRIC: 2 switches, 1 GFI outlet {same location} 1 exhaust fan/light supplied.
  • PLUMBING Labor: One 5’ tub or shower pan, one toilet, one sink.
  • TILE INSTALL: 80 sf. on the tub or shower walls and 30 sf. on floor.
  • TILE BUDGET: $600. Based on $5 per sf. Free to select from any store you wish.


The following is included in your budget list for quality bathroom fixtures:


  • Vanity set-up: $600 includes vanity {typically 30” – 36”}, top, faucet & mirror.
  • American Standard 5’ white tub: $300.
  • American Standard {right height} Champion toilet: $250.
  • Moen {posi-temp} Brantford tub/shower control in chrome: $200.
  • Easco shower doors {clear/chrome} $550.
  • Note: With the exception of the vanity set-up, we provide all bath fixtures from a local plumbing dealer, not a warehouse giant. {there is a difference in quality}
  • Total =  $1,900


Additional details on what we offer:


  • We install cement boards in the tub/shower area and green mold resistant sheetrock on all walls and ceiling throughout. All new door, window, and base molding.
  • Walls are properly spackled, primed, and painted in one color using Benjamin Moore.
  • All debris is removed promptly.
  • We pull permits! Cost of permits is extra. All plumbing & electric is performed by licensed & insured sub-contractors.
  • Contractor’s registration number: 13VH07799000. All proper insurance carried.
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