Great tips for planning a bathroom renovation.

Tired of your circa-1970 avocado-green bathroom? It’s time for a change! You deserve it! Get updated in 2015 with a bathroom remodeling project that will have you showering, applying makeup and washing-up in style. A bathroom renovation may seem daunting but with the proper planning, you can easily pull it off. Check out these five tips for planning a bathroom renovation:

  1. Go pro. If you’re planning a major redesign of your bathroom that involves tearing up the flooring, removing the old bath tub and tearing down walls, put the sledge hammer down and call a professional. Not only will you get advice and guidance from experts who do this all day long, you’ll also get peace of mind knowing the heavy structural stuff is taken care of the right way. Aspects like tiling, flooring and sink installation all require exacting detail and expertise. If done wrong due to the hands of an amateur, can end up costing much more in the long run.
  2. Consider your needs. It’s your bathroom: don’t forget to take into consideration your unique requirements. Do you have a large family? Perhaps you will want an extra large counter top space with two sinks. Are you tight on space? Maybe you could go with a half bath rather than a full. Are there any areas you absolutely don’t want to skimp on such as natural stone counter tops or marble flooring? Are you going for ultra-modern or traditional design? Ask yourself these questions and more before entering the design phase of your project.
  3. Height and usage requirements. While there is no one-size-fits-all rule to how high towel bars and robe hooks have to be, your designer will likely use standard dimensions as a starting point. Before settling on this, decide where you want these fixtures early on in the design phase so you can place things like cabinets and bars at a practical height for you, suggests This Old House. These dimensions will depend on personal preference and how tall or short your family is.
  4. Think about your remodel as an investment. According to a report from Remodeling magazine appearing on House Logic, an average bath remodel of $16,724 will get you back 70 percent of those costs when you sell your house. If you think you’ll ever sell your house, look at the bath remodel as in investment that will recoup your money over time. It will look attractive to future buyers and it will add true value to the space.
  5. Keep a realistic budget in mind. Remodeling your bathroom can be a fun experience, but it’s easy to get carried away with what you want. Setting a realistic budget before tackling your project will keep you, and your contractor, on track. Sure, sometimes changes and additions happen. That’s the nature of a home improvement project yet having a written allocation of what you can afford to spend is a wise idea to keep you in check.

Bathroom Remodeling may seem daunting but you can pull it off…!

Keep these tips in mind when facing your next bathroom remodeling project and have fun with it. Start and end your day in the bathroom of your dreams!