Comfort, convenience & function…

When it comes to the bathrooms – comfort, convenience, and function are key. Of course you will choose decorative elements yet your priority, above all, needs to be fixtures that work well with your family’s needs.

The four main components to any bathroom are the toilet, sink, shower and tub. Consider your budget, functional needs, and style before selecting these bathroom remodeling fixtures. Make a list of priorities for all and try out a few types of fixtures in the showroom before making a decision.


Many homeowners today are going for something a bit more functional and luxurious than the standard shower head with a couple of settings. It’s no longer enough to have a single spray. Why not have body sprayers placed strategically throughout your shower stall where you can choose from settings like massage or fine mist? You could even opt for a rain shower head which gives the feeling of standing outside in the rain. If you and your partner tend to take showers at the same time in the morning, it makes sense to install dual fixtures. No more jockeying for position! Today’s manufacturers are making luxurious shower heads accessible to anyone, regardless of whether you’re remodeling the kids’ bath, the master bath or the guest bath. You can choose from a typical wall mount, hand-held unit, rain shower or combination packs. Tip: If choosing to do a pre-fabricated shower pan always go with acrylic over fiberglass for quality.


You may experience a gap between function and beauty when it comes to sinks. Shallow waterfall sinks may be beautiful and tranquil but they aren’t deep enough to experience a thorough hand washing. If you have kids or a lot of people use that bathroom after coming from outside, you’ll find that the beauty is not worth the sacrifice of convenience. You may opt for a high arching faucet and deeper sink. You may love a vessel or pedestal sink for the romantic look, but in actuality, you’re losing a lot of under-sink storage space. This may not be ideal for large families or for a main bathroom. Other things to consider when it comes to sinks:

  • Do you want one faucet that controls both hot and cold, or two separate knobs?
  • Are you short on space in the guest bath? Save room with a pedestal sink.
  • Are you looking for a modern luxurious style to your bathroom? Try a glass sink as part of your bathroom remodeling project.


Choosing a toilet is a fairly easy decision when it comes to function. You may want to go with a taller toilet {comfort height} measuring between 16 and 18 inches high representing the highest comfort level for all adults, including those who use walkers and other mobility devices. If there are a lot of small children, consider going with the standard size 14- to 15-inch height for their comfort and ease of use.

One piece toilets look really cool and sleek but they cost a lot more to manufacture and install. When considering color, your best choice are neutrals like white or at the very most a light beige.  Decorate the bathroom around the toilet to your liking, but leave the toilet itself neutral and always matching the tub.

Are you ready for your bathroom renovation​? Choose Beautiful Bathrooms & More… for assistance on the best styles that match your needs!