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Stick to no more than three bathroom remodeling estimates…

You may remember last week’s monthly tip was: “Please, please, please stop at three contractors when getting estimates for work on your home.” To get more than three bathroom remodeling estimates will only contributing to an overwhelming overflow of opinions that can prevent you from making an effective decision. Stick to no more than three bathroom remodeling estimates and you’ll save yourself time and hassle. This is plenty in order to help you make an informed decision.

Q: Carol P. from Freehold NJ writes: “Okay, I now have two contractors giving me a price to renovate my bathroom. I like both of them. How do I decide which one is best suited for me?” A: Carol actually touched on a very important aspect of any home remodel with the words “I like both of them.” This is a positive first step in determining who you welcome into your home for a week or more. It stands to reason that likeability should be a crucial factor in that decision. After all, you and the bathroom contractor will be in close proximity anywhere from one to four weeks. Liking that person will go a long way towards ensuring a successful project.

Bathroom Remodeling: Listen to that little voice in your head…

Rule # 1:  Listen to your instincts. If you like someone right off the bat, great. If something does not sit right when you meet a contractor, this is your intuition warning you to stay away. Listen to that little voice in your head and do yourself a favor. Your bathroom remodeling project won’t always turn out well in the end. Getting along with your contractor is a big piece of the puzzle.

Tip: Everyone knows you have to ask for referrals when vetting contractors. That’s all fine and good, but have you ever heard of a contractor – or any professional for that matter – handing a client referrals that weren’t going to be positive? This leads us to…

Rule # 2: What have you done for me lately? Past referrals are great, but what’s even more telling is a bathroom remodeling project current client. Ask your contractor for the name and number of the customer and job he is currently working on. You will likely get more accurate feedback on a project that is halfway through completion from a real-time perspective.

Questions to ask the other referrals:

  1. What time did the contractor get there in the morning and leave in the afternoon?
  2. How well does he communicate?
  3. Does he leave the job site neat and tidy or a complete mess?
  4. How does he handle unexpected situations? I can tell you in my three decades of experience that there is a line separating the great contractors from the not-so-greats: Their response to unexpected situations rather than their reaction.

Carol, I hope this information helps with your decision. And to all my loyal readers: get in touch with me for advice on how to get the very best out of your contractor upon hiring them. Need bathroom remodeling estimates? I can do that too!

My Monthly Tip: Always choose acrylic shower pans over fiberglass when getting your bathroom remodeling estimate. They are much more durable, easier to clean, and will not stain years later.

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J.R. Ferullo