About Jerome Ferullo

I have been in the renovation industry for the past 30+ years, and I am the owner/operator of my business “Professional Building Systems” for the past 27 years. My credentials include the following: acting as a neutral party to examine, document, and settle cases between contractor and homeowner disputes; large and small commercial work; historical renovation; emergency repair work; completion of 100+ hours of Leadership Training programs; 13-year member of the International Le-Tip networking association; and literally thousands of satisfied customers. When people ask me what my specialty is, my reply is always the same “YOUR HOME”-- from the inside to the outside, top to bottom, we can meet your needs. From managing and inspiring your sub-contractors to blending your new work into the existing, and of course, we are always about details, details, and details. Renovation work is a career and commitment and what it means to me is “Never give up – always give my best!”

Crown Moulding Colts Neck l Crown Molding Colts Neck l Molding Monmouth

Did you know you can add decorative mouldings to any room and it doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult? At Professional Building Systems, we understand that architectural mouldings are a chic addition to any home’s interior design. Mouldings can be practical or decorative, depending on design placement, and the moulding’s profile can help enhance [...]

Stop at 3 Estimates for work on your home

Hello again and welcome to yet another addition of “Contractor’s Corner”. The following addresses last week’s tip and will also touch on the relationship between the homeowner and contractor.  Last week’s monthly tip was: “Please, please, please stop at three contractors when getting estimates for work on your home”. Getting more than three would be [...]

Preparation Breeds Safety

I have written many articles on home improvement but here’s something that I often overlook, perhaps because it is so second nature for me: Preparation! I have always been well prepared and for just about anything. This quality has had a way of showing up in my work as well. The recent hurricane brought home [...]

Beautiful Bathrooms: Introduction to Articles

Hello and welcome to the first of many monthly installments of “Contractors Corner.” My name is Jerome Rossi Ferullo, and it is my pleasure to share with you my 30+ years of home renovation skills from historic to brand new construction. I currently live in Farmingdale, NJ, along with my wife Sandra and 7-year-old daughter [...]

Contractor Closing Prospective

In this issue, I am addressing the perspective of the contractor trying to close the deal with their potential client/ homeowner. I can’t tell you how many times I have had conversations with other business owners about how they went out of their way to service a prospective customer with information regarding their project AND [...]

Contractors: Is there a difference…?

NO DIFFERENCE, wanna bet? Remember the old Parkay commercial about the butter? They claimed no difference between the Parkay brand and real butter. Well, no difference until you purchased and tasted it… There are many, many differences in the products and services of the construction field that directly affect not only total costs but how [...]